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Self-Driving Cars Are Smart, But Car Washes Stump Them

From Futurism “You might expect that a clunky, decades-old, Wash-o-Matic would be no match for a new self-driving car straight off the assembly line from, say, Tesla. But as it turns out, autonomous vehicles — which rely on external sensors to navigate — can quite easily be “blinded” before they even make it through the pre-soak.…

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Find Us at The Car Wash Show – Booth #2412

Visit Laguna Industries at the The Car Wash Show™ 2018 – April 26-28. We are at Booth #2412 ( with Wash Solutions) –  where you will be able to find Laguna Industries award winning and industry leading car wash tunnel controller and motor control center, featuring remote access, monitoring, and alerts. Stop by and learn more…

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Reduce energy consumption with fault detection and diagnostics

Does your tunnel controller help you manage or track electrical faults?  An electrical fault caused by bad wiring, improper phase control and undersized electrical components is often overlooked as a reason for an electrical component failure or premature wear. Motors turned on and off too frequently are also a cause of heat and premature wear…

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Understanding intelligent motor control centers

A well-designed custom motor control system can pay dividends from the installation process and through the life cycle of your car wash business. A thorough design has sustainability elements that take into account everything from lowering the cost and errors during field installation to the ability to log alerts and faults. A well though out…

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