accuPUMP & accuSHINE


The only chemical delivery system that can provide an exact measured chemical application for every vehicle. Control cost while providing the best and most consistent customer experience.

Precise Chemical Dosing

  • Select the digital dispensing rate
  • Adjust your application for the perfect customer experience
  • Monitor your cost through detailed chemical usage reporting
  • Easily calculate and set cost per car

The AccuPump Has Many Features to Keep Costs In Line

  • The pump produces a chemical boost at startup, to accurately charge the system.
  • Settings are controlled from a central server, which prevents onsite adjustments.
  • Eliminates the need for metering tips – No more clogged tips
  • Water pressure is no longer a factor in the amount of product dispensed
  • Chemicals are administered through the server.
  • Usage reports are is easily available on a dynamic basis.
  • The pump can be accurately set to inject the proper amount of chemical.
  • New Chemical set-up is faster, and assures a steady, consistent mixture of chemicals.
  • The Accu-Pump system is easily expandable and simple to retro fit.
  • The Accu-Pump can accommodate 6,000 different settings.
  • Connect to the optional Laguna drum level sensors.

Server Manages Three Main Components

  • Manage and track dispensing pumps
  • Manage and track wash revenue and activity
  • View chemical levels for inventory and refill operations

*Only authorized personnel can make volumetric changes

Cloud Managed

  • Easy  to  use  APP 
  • Control  chemical  usage  though  the  cloud 
  • WiFi  or  LTE  enabled  dosing  system 
  • Review  and  print  your  mSDS  info 
  • Receive  email  or  text  Alerts

Accu-Pump System Overview

Sample Income Report

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Precise Tire Shine Gloss Application Every Time

All of the features and performance of the AccuPump system, but with software designed specifi cally to apply and track your tire shine performance. The AccuShine system produces the most even and cost effective application on tires. Customers will see the difference.

Detailed chemical usage / Detailed cost per car / Detailed cost per chemical

Sample AccuShine Expense Report

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