centralACCESS Monitoring


A simple yet powerful tool to monitor your entire car wash network

centralACCESS is a cloud-based system used to monitor and report data from multiple car wash devices at multiple locations. Every car wash device reporting to centralACCESS sends a message to a centralized server for every car washed and for every financial transaction made.

One Site or Multiple Sites

View one or all of your profit centers simultaneously - using only a web browser.

All Your Information in One Place

Sales, statistics, monitoring, and alerts all the information you need on one website.

Track Your Data History

Review and track the storied history of alerts, maintenance records, equipment, and weather.

Customizable and Scalable

Customized solutions for those who need actionable data to leverage resources and develop scalable operations.

Web-Based Monitoring System

Laguna's web-based monitoring system lets owners and operators easily review and access car wash devices and controllers at multiple locations. From car-by-car financial transactions to alerts, complete wash activity, potential equipment problems, to reviewing consumables - it's all at your fingertips, letting you make decisions in real-time to save money and take immediate action.

Each car wash device reporting to centralACCESS sends a message to a centralized server for every car washed, and for every financial transaction made centralACCESS saves the data and can then generate customized reports summarizing the information.

  • Detailed reporting for financial transactions and the number of cars washed.
  • Generates equipment alerts and logs the state of the alert over time.
  • Stores data in the cloud and can then generate customized reports.

Consolidates reports and helps you closely compare how well your sites are doing in terms of sales. With clear sales and historical reports, you can better understand the demand to create promotional offers that suit market conditions and shape demand.

Wash operators and convenience store managers can now remotely monitor and control critical activities and devices at all of their wash sites, in real-time, from one central location. This leading-edge technology provides you with the ability to minimize both emergency maintenance calls and downtime.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting on financial transactions, the numbers of cars washed and warns of any equipment problems. Saves the data and can then generate reports summarizing the information.

General Sales

Site & Group Comparison Reports

MySQL Database

Site Summary Activity Reports

General Wash Activity

Hourly Activity