rTC Tunnel Controller

The Laguna® rTC™ is the industry’s most advanced and operator friendly controller. Used by more equipment manufacturers around the world than any other tunnel controller. The Laguna® rTC™ outperforms the competition with unmatched remote access, advanced performance features and extensive reporting tools.


A Better Car Wash

The Laguna® rTC's unique component-specific software tunes your car wash equipment to deliver the best possible car wash, consistently and reliably.

Software Built-in

The Laguna rTC does not require additional controls for ultrasound profiling, anti-collision, progress detection, open pick-up bed detection, tire shine control, and vehicle height

Control From Anywhere

Manage your Laguna rTC controller remotely from anywhere with our cloud-based web interface, using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Infinitely Configurable

All parameters of your car wash components can be customized from on or off-site, allowing you to make program changes in real-time without interrupting the wash.

Integrates With Everything

Laguna's open architecture offers seamless integration with every major car wash POS provider.

Maximum Uptime

Allows operators and technicians to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Advanced Diagnostics and Alerts

Our exclusive Black Box feature allows you to track past events. Diagnose problems without a technician on-site. Receive alerts from any monitored device or sensor.

Monitor Everything

Monitor everything from vehicle length and shape, chemical and water levels, air and vacuum pressure, and nearly any monitoring or sensing device related to your car wash.

More About the Software - Less About the Hardware

Now running Laguna’s exclusive Component Controls™ software, the Laguna® rTC™ includes an unprecedented number of standard features and controls that maximize your tunnel’s efficiency. With intelligent web-based tools, eliminate the need to be on-site to program, monitor, and diagnose your car wash system.

Engineered to operate more efficiently and designed with an intuitive user-interface, the Laguna rTC utilizes an open architecture offering seamless integration with every major car wash POS provider. The Laguna rTC is web-enabled allowing you to connect, monitor, and configure your car wash from anywhere.

Vivid Display

A large touch screen display allows for clear and graphical feedback for easy on-site maintenance and adjustments.

Equipment Based Programming

Think in terms of equipment, not outputs. Program wrap-around brushes in one step - not several.

Advanced Pick-Up Controls

Recognize an open bed versus tonneau cover. Activate as well as deactivate components to better clean and dry the back of pick-up truck windows, beds, and rear gates.

Smart Tire Dressing Controls

Built-in Smart Chemical Dosing based on time and frequency to control the saturation of brushes delivering a more precise and consistent application during high or low volume use.

Built-In Express Features

Loaded with standard express car wash features including auto stacking, door controls, auto rollers, loading sign controls, look ahead, detects truck bed, safety shutdown, exit anti-collision.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnose a problem without a technician on site. Use the BlackBox feature to track past events. Easy auto-pulse activation to keep your business running.

Remote Updates

Update with new packages or pricing from anywhere and launch in real-time when you're ready.

Remote Programming

Program equipment functions and timing remotely in real-time without interrupting the flow of business.

Remote Reporting

An extensive set of standard reporting features including equipment alerts, chemical levels, alarm history log, package counts, email alerts and reports, BlackBox recorder.

The Laguna rTC is easily expandable from 20 outputs to 300 outputs and 10 inputs to 200 inputs

Features Include:

• 12" Industrial Grade LED Touch Panel Display
• Tunnel Entrance Keypad with LCD Screen (PBS-4000)

• Advanced Entrance Keypad Controls

• Conveyor Pause Function
• Built-In Prep-Gun Timers
• Built-In Emergency Stop (hardwired)
• 23 Programmable Keys
• Vital Input State Indicators (Gate, Pulse, etc.)

•Building Management
• Sump Pump Outputs
• RO Bay Window Washer
• Air Makeup Unit Control
• Entrance/exit Door Control
• Air Curtain, Air Doors & Overhead Doors
• Auto Start
• Auto Rollers
• Loading Sign Control
• Safety Shutdown
• Exit Anti-Collision
• Car Progress Detector
• Auto Stacker
• Loaded Gate Control
• Additional Options
• Pre-mounted in Motor Control Panel
• Remote Communication / Diagnostics
• Tunnel Entrance Keypad
• Motor Control Center
• Reports & Receipt Printer
• Solid State Relay Outputs

Remote Access

  • Web Interface
  • Access from any Internet Terminal
  • Remote Programming
  • Remote Reporting
  • Remote Updating
  • Remote Management
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Program While System is Running
  • Secure Package Building
  • WiFi Enabled (encrypted access)

Advanced Features Include:

• Preventative Maintenance
• Ultrasound Sensors
• Temperature Sensors (water, air, etc.)
• VFD outputs (variable frequency drive)
• Alarm History Log
• Email Alerts and Reports
• Black Box Recorder

Additional Features

• Equipment-Based Programming
• Modbus Interface
• Industrial Strength Noise immunity • Industrial MMI
• Easily Expandable
• Shift and Period Reports