Adding more locations? Avoid the high cost to replace existing control systems from other manufacturers.

siteCONNECT is a compact add-on modular control unit that provides the ability to integrate different OEM control systems and devices. siteCONNECT's ability to integrate different OEM control platforms offers multi-site operators with the versatility of the Laguna rTC and the connectivity of centralACCESS in a simple software platform that can be fitted to any car wash system.

Remotely monitor and control critical activities and devices at all of your wash sites, in real-time, from one central location. siteCONNECT also has additional inputs and outputs. Monitor and control multiple tunnels, rollovers and self-serve in real-time, from one central location

Complete Control

Virtually any function at your sites can be monitored, tracked or controlled remotely by the siteCONNECT system through an array of sensors strategically placed throughout your sites. You will be able to monitor and control doors, bay/floor heat, air compressors, vacuums, vending machines and a host of other equipment and devices. Whether it’s counting wash cycles, monitoring chemical inventory, checking the performance of crucial equipment, modifying wash packages or changing pricing, the siteCONNECT provides continuous visibility and control of all the critical activities throughout your entire wash network.

Analyze Your Data

One of the premier features of the siteCONNECT is its ability to capture real-time data that can be used to analyze essential parts of your business operations. Data collected can help pinpoint inefficient activities at your sites such as leaking air lines, running heaters when not required or leaving lights on in the wash bay when your site is closed. siteCONNECT reduces needless expenses that erode your bottom line.

Ease In Monitoring

siteCONNECT's innovative software allows you to optimize car wash site efficiency by keeping you abreast of all the key activities at your wash locations. An easy to use web-browser interface becomes your window into your entire car wash network. Automatically receive alerts and updates on your computer or mobile device to know when there is an immediate problem, a potential malfunction or just to confirm business is going well. Immediate Alerts Equal Quick Action

With an operation like a busy car wash or 24-hour convenience store, problems are sure to occur, but they need not be catastrophic. With the immediate alerts function of the siteCONNECT, benefits include advanced notice of a problem, reduced down-time and lower maintenance costs, but most importantly they ensure that your customers experience only well-maintained and operating wash bays.

Promotions That Pay

By tracking your car wash volumes in real-time, the siteCONNECT enables an operator to collect pertinent data that recognizes the busiest periods during a day or a week. More importantly, this same data can allow you to track your slowest periods enabling you to automatically offer promotions that can be used to increase volume through the car wash when the customer’s wait time is the shortest. Managing peak volume for any car wash is essential for maximizing your revenue, attracting new business and ensuring continued loyalty from your regular customers.

Centralize Your Data with centralACCESS

Increase the capabilities of your siteCONNECT system by connecting it with Laguna's centralACCESS Information Manager. centralACCESS provides both real-time and historical viewing of sales revenue, wash activity, machine alerts, and equipment status, allowing you complete visibility of your entire carwash network from one centralized dashboard.

The detailed reporting functions within centralACCESS allow for accurate wash counts and sales revenue for any selected date range. With 15-minute updated embedded weather information, you can quickly identify if a weather-related event is the cause of low wash volumes or if a good wash day fails to show the wash volumes that are expected.

Chemical Consumption

Minimize chemical outages with siteCONNECT’s unique feature for monitoring your chemical levels on site by using the alert functions that you can set up to notify you when it is time to reorder chemical before you have run out. Gain peace of mind by always knowing what your chemical levels are on site and maximize your ordering efficiencies by only ordering when chemical is needed.


  • Power Consumption  <10 W (Typical)
  • Power Requirements  24 VDC (Typical) (10 VDC Min ~ 30 VDC Max)

Digital Input

  • Channels  32
  • I/O   24 VDC Bi-Directional
  • Wet Contact Logic  0: 0 ~ 10 V Logic 1: 19 ~ 30 V 3000 VDC
  • Isolation  3000 VDC
  • Connector Terminal Block  (#14 ~ 22 AWG)

Digital Output

  • Channels  32
  • Contact Rating  AC: 5A @ 250 V; DC: 30 V @ 5 A (Resistive Load)
  • Isolation  500 VDC
  • Connector  Terminal Block (#14 ~ 22 AWG)

Analog Input

  • Channels  8


  • Humidity  5 ~ 95% @ 40°C (non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature  -20 ~ 70°C (-4 ~158°F) @ 5 ~ 85% RH
  • Storage Temperature  -40 ~ 80°C (-40 ~176°F)

I/O Interface

  • Serial Ports  4 Ports, 1 x RS-232, 3 x RS-485 (Automatic RS-485 data flow)
  • LAN  2 x 10/100Base-T RJ-45 ports
  • USB Port  1 x USB, OpenHCI, Rev. 1.1 compliant