Technical Support

Free Basic Support: Laguna Industries Manufactured Products

Laguna Industries LLC offers free Basic Support for all Laguna smartBOX and Laguna rTC customers for the life of the product as long as the product and software has not been materially altered from its original build by someone other than a Laguna Industries representative or distributor. We will do our best to help you immediately, including evenings and weekends if your car wash is down.

Call or Contact Laguna Industries for Support

Basic Support hours are Mon - Fri 8am – 5pm PST.

503.620.9274 Main Office Telephone

For after-hours support, fill out the online form below, which will create a support ticket that will alert our team during business hours, after-hours, and even on weekends.

Support Form

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Our Service Philosophy

Laguna Industries LLC was founded on a philosophy of service and support. Our company is owned and managed by car wash professionals. We understand your business sometimes has emergencies outside of traditional business hours. That is why we are regularly available to all our customers when they need us. Our customers all have access to our personal cell phones and we do our very best to respond quickly to urgent situations during and after office hours and on weekends.

Not sure about your problem? Contact us and we will help you

When we answer a call for support we always try to ask, “is your car wash down?” because we know up-time is vital to your business success. We won’t ask for a credit card or other form payment until we recognize the problem is outside the warranty or basic support of any Laguna product.

We offer a number of ways to contact the Laguna support team – in many cases free of charge; however, when a problem appears to be caused by another company’s component or one not supplied by Laguna Industries LLC, we can offer pay-as-you-go support (based on time of service).